The prices of water vary until 349% according to the city of residence

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Las tarifas de agua varían hasta el 349% según la ciudad de residencia A studio of the association of consumers Facua denucia that the variations in the prices can achieve the 453,60 euros

In function of the city, two users with the same profile of consumption could pay bills of water with 453,60 euros to the year of difference. This is the conclusion of a studio carry by Facua-Consumers in action ydifundido this Thursday through his web page: the association has detected differences of price of until 349,4% in the 28 urbes Spanish examined for his analysis.

The analysis of Facua takes like reference a house with three inhabitants, a monthly consumption of 10 cubic metres and a calibrate of counter of 15 and 13millimetres (mm). The prices compared include the canons and recargos that apply in a lot of cities but do not count the prices by hire and maintenance of counters neither the VAT.

Murcia, the most expensive city

Murcia is the city with the price of water more expensive (29,35 euros) with counters of 13 mm and a consumption of 10 cubic metres. It follows him Barcelona (23,49 euros). In both cases the management is in hands of a mixed company. The third urbe more expensive is Cádiz, where the company of management is public. Here the amount of the receipt achieves the 22,98 euros to the month. In the another extreme finds Valladolid, with a model of management deprived where independently of if the calibrate is of 13 or 15 mm, his cost is of 10,82 euros.

REGARDING the urbes analysed where the water is cheaper, are Valladolid (11,82 euros in the case of counters of 13 mm),Saragossa (11,31 euros) and Salamanca (12,49 euros).

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