Truths and lies on the reviews of the gas

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Verdades y mentiras sobre las revisiones del gas They count by thousands the consumers that are desinformados on the reviews of the gas. The most frequent questions are each how much have to do, if they are compulsory or if it has to hire an auxiliary service. Thus, desvelamos to continuation some appearances on the reviews of the gas that will be of utility to all the consumers.

1- they Are distinct the review of the installation of the gas and the review of the boiler?

Yes. The installations of the gas have to inspect each 5 years (4 in the Basque Country). This review makes it the company distributor of the gas and the pay the client in the following bill of the gas, to a price stipulated by the corresponding autonomous community. No it credits him never quantity any to the person that attends to do the inspection. If it treats of an installation that require of carboys of butano, the periodicity of the reviews is the same, five years, but corresponds to the user the contracting of a professional so that it make the inspection. So much in the case of the review of the installation of the gas, as in the case to have of butano, a lot taken care  with who visits our house.

The review of the boiler has to make by questions of energetic efficiency. It affects to boilers of gas, but also to heaters and squads of air conditioned.

2- Each how long is compulsory to do the review of the boiler?

The review of the boiler is compulsory each two years. But if it treats of heaters of gas, the review will be each 5 years, and each 4 in the case of the squads of air conditioned. We do not have to leave us deceive or confuse by the commercial, that in a lot of occasions ensure that the compulsory reviews are annual.

3- has to hire a service of maintenance?

The law only obliges to that make the review of the boiler -each 2 years-, no to hire a service of maintenance that, for example, cover the reparations or facilitate other services, like the electrical review. To fulfil the law, will suffice with requiring the services of a professional each two years so that it revise the boiler. So much the companies of gas like the manufacturers offer this annual review together with a service of maintenance that covers part of the reparations to make.

4- With who hire the review?

The most economic option is to look for each two years to a professional that make this review, that is used to to cost from 45 euros.  If it prefers a service of maintenance that include this review, the manufacturers of the boiler offer his products from some 90 or 100 euros. The companies of gas are the most expensive alternative. His services of maintenance with the review offer from 115 euros, although they also are used to to be more complete. Nevertheless, has to revise very what offer ones and others. The differences among the services of maintenance of ones and other companies are very remarkable. Some clues to find the best option: there are companies of gas that cover the cost of the compulsory inspection to make each 5 years, or revise at the same time other squads of gas of the house, or have service of urgent attention in 3 hours; other companies do not include in his service of maintenance the reparation of failures that arise during the year of agreement, only those that detect during the review.

5- And the heaters of gas?

The heaters also have to revise obligatoriamente, but each 5 years. The review of these is simpler; for example, there is not a circuit of water of heating that revise. Thus, some companies have of special products -cheaper- for these clients. Other companies, as Iberdrola, have opted for offering an only product, that for the clients that only have heater translates in that they will pay by services and/or reviews that are not necessary or do not go to make.

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